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Partner Telecom is acutely aware of the risks and liability concerns associated with Telecom projects, and as such we prioritize safety and compliance across all of our operations. We employ a dedicated, full-time safety and compliance officer, who is responsible for enforcing and providing ongoing education on the implementation of the highest standards of safety across the team.

Partner Telecom Services, LLC is putting forth a concerted effort to creating a culture of safety within our company that raises the bar for the industry. In our commitment to reducing workplace accidents we enforce a rigorous health and safety plan that includes:tie-off

  • Thorough Job Safety Analysis at every site, every day; as well as weekly safety focus group conference call of managers from every office;
  • A dedicated Safety Committee made up of employees from different job fields and levels;
  • Random drug tests, and internally driven, surprise site audits;
  • The implementation of multiple means of reporting issues, from “open door” and daily field reports to a dedicated 800 number and online portal;
  • Implementing third-party audits;
  • And rewarding safety through a recognition/incentives program for all staff.

Additional initiatives include:

  • Safety Camera Glasses- In an industry first, Partner Telecom has adopted the use of video safety glasses for the foreman on every crew. These glasses will give our health and safety team the ability to monitor and manage the safe practices as stipulated in industry practices, as well as internal safety initiatives that we have laid out. The glasses, which take a view-point photograph at set intervals, offer critical insight into site issues such as structural deficiencies right from the site. We are then able to relay this information to our clients in real time, enabling us to address a situation immediately and develop targeted solutions.
  • Partner Telecom App- Partner Telecom has developed a proprietary, tablet-based application for the transfer of site information and documents in real time. Not only does this improve safety by providing better access to information to monitor and manage safety requirements and practices, the app also improves the client experience by delivering information and documents in real-time as needed.

Partner Telecom is a proud member of the NATE, a non-profit trade association which promotes and provides uniform safety standards for tower climbers.