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joseph-derhake-telecom-president Joseph Derhake, PE

Mr. Derhake serves as the President of Partner Telecom LLC, as well as Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., a national engineering and environmental consulting firm. Mr. Derhake has twenty years of experience managing and performing environmental and engineering consulting. Mr. Derhake began his career as a project engineer, then project manager, client relationship manager, executive manager, and eventually became a successful entrepreneur in the due diligence industry, and has extended the same entrepreneurial spirit into the quickly expanding Partner Telecom LLC.

Mr. Derhake has successfully purchased and integrated four companies into the Partner framework. Derhake presides over a large scale staff and systems integrations that have created great opportunity for growth in the Partner network of companies and catapulted Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. to the top of the due diligence provider ranks. He has worked on thousands of transactions, with clientele that includes many of the nation’s largest lenders, real estate investors, and corporations. A registered civil engineer in multiple states, Mr. Derhake holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University and Masters in Business Administration from University of Southern California.

mike-cunneen Michael Cunneen
Director of Telecom Environmental Services

Mr. Cunneen has 14 years of experience in the environmental industry. Mr. Cunneen has completed more than 4,000 NEPA assessments for a wide range of properties and for various telecommunications clients throughout the United States, including: American Tower, AT&T, MetroPCS, Cricket Communications, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Specifically, Mr. Cunneen has performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Transaction Screens, Phase II Subsurface Investigations, and has helped clients facilitate the environmental review process to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Environmental reviews include analysis of historic properties, wetlands, endangered species habitat, floodplains, and other areas of environmental concern and the possible impacts of telecommunications installations on these sensitive areas.

James Solomon
Market Manager

Mr. Solomon has over 14 years in the telecommunication and broadcast industry. He has watched the telecommunication industry grow from analog to LTE. Mr. Solomon has worked on all stages of construction from site layout to integration. Mr. Solomon managed and worked on numerous projects throughout his career in the telecommunication industry, including during the roll out of Sprint PCS, Nextel, Nextel’s re-banding, Cingular’s ERGU, T-Mobile’s UMTS, Verizon’s LTE, Ericsson’s RAN, AT&T’s RAN and Lucent’s RAN. He has extensive knowledge of Microwave, T1 copper and fiber back haul systems.