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Partner Telecom Services, LLC (Partner Telecom) draws on over 30 years of commercial telecom engineering and construction experience. We specialize in wireless telecommunications inspections, audits, upgrades, construction and maintenance. The expertise of our team – which includes civil engineers, energy specialists, tower climbers, civil crews, health and safety experts, and site inspectors – is based on an integral knowledge of the wireless communication industry, and a commitment to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies, industry standards and opportunities.

Partner Telecom works with wide tower-climberrange of clients, including carriers, tower owners and facility managers all around the US, providing turnkey solutions to the country’s ever-increasing communication demands. Our telecom experts understand the great advantages as well as the unique challenges that are part of this industry. We help our clients navigate the physical, financial and regulatory landscape associated with installing or updating telecom networks.

Our broad range of Telecom services include:

Partner Telecom possesses the experience, certifications and knowledge of next generation telecom technologies to provide reliable and innovative engineering solutions to your connectivity needs. We can take clients through the entire Telecom project, from initial site acquisition studies through the construction phase. Our highly qualified team of in-house professionals has the expertise and experience to identify and understand issues associated with all stages of a project, and ensure a project is delivered safely, compliantly, on-budget and on-time.