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A&E Services

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Partner Telecom’s in-house engineering team provides the full-scope of A&E services to design and deliver high-quality telecom projects. We employ highly qualified professionals who have the experience and success of your project, including Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Architects who can seal/sign plans and drawings as required by jurisdictions. Our full-scope A&E services include:telecom-survey

  • Survey – Partner Telecom Services can provide the boundary surveys, topographic surveys and as-built surveys as needed to determine the feasibility and successful delivery of a project.
  • Geotechnical – Partner has extensive experience performing geotechnical studies to determine the subsurface conditions and suitability of telecom projects. We have the project management staff to manage all subsurface investigations in-house, and can draw on the expertise and extensive experience of Partner Engineering’s geotechnical engineering staff as needed. All geotechnical services are performed to customer specifications as well as all applicable standards.
  • Permitting - Our permitting experts have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently navigate the complex permitting landscape to obtain all applicable permits and approvals as needed for telecom projects. Our trusted professionals will manage the process from start-to-finish, working diligently with local jurisdictions and committees to ensure denials or delays are avoided and clients can commence proposed work as soon as possible.
  • Design Drawings - Partner Telecom Services works with clients to develop requirements for and design targeted solutions for their communication needs. Based on site studies, our dedicated design engineers will develop site plans to accurately assess the feasibility of proposed new equipment, towers and other structures.